Haven’t updated in a while

Haven’t been fiddling with stuff much recently. Started at UCSC in mid-September and have been settling into the area and commute and school and whatnot.

Did end up messing around with Asterisk one night and was able to get a box up and running that responded to a call with an audio file that I had recorded. There’s definitely a lot more to do with it, and I need to come up with a project idea for it.

I have a few more projects that have been on hold. First off, the satnogs station has been stalled for a bit. Took a while to get the circuit boards from China, had some problems in converting the models to imperial sizes (to use with PVC available here, not just for kicks), and Mike’s 3d printer broke at one point, but we should be up and running on that soon.

In order to hit the ham repeater on campus from my home, I’ll have to build an antenna with some directional gain probably. Will be looking into a simple plan to do that soon.

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