Matt Carberry

Replaced the Trackpad in my T440s

The trackpad that came with my Lenovo T440s was having some sticky delayed clicks and it was getting pretty frustrating to use. Pretty disappointed with the soft-button trackpad, I found out that some people had figured out how to adapt the hard-button one. Followed this tutorial and after a slight

Haven't updated in a while

Haven't been fiddling with stuff much recently. Started at UCSC in mid-September and have been settling into the area and commute and school and whatnot. Did end up messing around with Asterisk one night and was able to get a box up and running that responded to a call with

With love from Pyongyang

Just recieved this in the mail from North Korea (strangely unopened by customs). Included were a pretty big picture of Kim Jong-Un on the Pyongyang Times, a QSL card, an invitation to buy commemorative stamps (which I think would be illegal for me), and a current station schedule list. Exciting

Pair Programming

Mail from Havana!

Took a bit, but I got a QSL Card and swag from Radio Havana Cuba (neatly opened and examined in transit by someone)!

Voice of Korea

Pulled in some Voice of (North) Korea, a couple nights ago. Definitely had some trouble with fading. It seems that my Tentec 1253 is not terribly frequency stable, and it took some fiddling to attempt to keep the signal in tune. Probably one of the most distinctive things I've heard